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  • Ryotwari System – A revenue collection system by Britishers Sir_Thomas_Munro

    Ryotwari was one of the main system to collect revenues from collectors of Agricultural land.The revenue system was directly applicable on the cultivators of the land (i.e. people who actually work on the land)....


    Every day for a month till 20 March 2016, we will be posting a question whoever answers the question can also ask the question to other members..and the chain of questions will continue. Lets ask...

  • Swadeshi movement

    The Swadeshi movement is a part of the Indian independence movement and the developing Indian nationalism, was an economic strategy aimed at removing the British Empire from power and improving economic conditions in India...

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  • Eco Sensitive Zones (ESZ)

    Indian Board of Wildlife, established under Wildlife Protection Act, 1974, framed the National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP) 2002-2016. It states, “Areas outside the protected area network are often vital ecological corridor links and must...

  • Golan Heights

    The Golan heights or the Syrian Golan is a rocky-plateau in south western Syria. It is internationally recognized as Syrian territory but has been controlled by Israel since 1967. LocationHandpicked Deals DP 42 LEDs...

  • Contour Bunding

    Terminology Bunding is a mechanical technique of reducing run off. It also helps in collecting water for longer time to help infiltration into the ground. There are two types of bunding Block Bunding –...


  • Think about it : UPSC 2016 Results

    Preparation  for IAS plays an important role to crack UPSC exam but there are also other factors may be luck, your surroundings etc .And in India there is something  which can actually be more beneficial than any...


  • Privileges and Powers of Parliament and its members parliamentary-power

    Parliamentary privilege is a legal protection/immunity from civil or criminal liability which the members of certain legislatures may bring upon themselves while discharging their parliamentary duties. It is common in countries whose constitution is...


  • Lokpal Lokpal

    A Lokpal (“caretaker of people”) is an ombudsman(an official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against a company or organization, especially a public authority) the term taken from the sweedon (legal representative) in India. It...



  • Non-Performing Assets: What? Why? Solutions Ahead!

    What is NPA? An asset becomes NPA, when it ceases to generate income for the lending bank. According to a July 2014 RBI circular, all advances where interest and/or instalment of principal remains due...

  • Budget 2016

    India is being looked upon as the source of growth for the otherwise declining economy in many parts of the world. Despite lack of rainfall for two consecutive years and unfavorable global conditions, India...

  • Money Bill

    What is Money Bill ? Money bill is nothing but the bill which is made by the legal constitution Lok Sabha and passed to the high ranked legal constitution Rajya Sabha for lucid information...

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