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  • Preparation  for IAS plays an important role to crack UPSC exam but there are also other factors may be luck, your surroundings etc .And in India there is something  which can actually be more beneficial than any...

  • anti-corruption-say-no

    India ranks 76th (2015) in corruption index published by Transparency International every year. The corruption is rampant in India, both at lower and higher levels. At lower levels, things doesn’t seem to move without...

  • The directive principles of state policy are guidelines which state and central government have to keep in mind while framing new laws and policies. They are not enforceable by any court of law. They...



  • We are turning away from cash to digital money. Online payments, debit cards, credit cards, various wallets indicate that we are moving towards digital currency. The recent launch of Unified Payment Interface (UPI)  by...

  • Recent Panama papers leak has again rekindled the old question, whether countries should go for Capital account convertibility? To understand the answer to this, let’s first understand the concept of convertibilityHandpicked Deals Juarez Capo...

  • What is Money Bill ? Money bill is nothing but the bill which is made by the legal constitution Lok Sabha and passed to the high ranked legal constitution Rajya Sabha for lucid information...

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