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IIMs cutoff for CAT 2016

Congratulations, the very fact you visited this page shows that you are hopeful of going to IIMs. Your hard work paid off. In case you wish to re check percentil you are getting, Have...


Vocab Tadka : Hail vs Hale (Confusing Words)

Lets discuss the difference between confusing words Hail & Hale . HAIL 1 (n) precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents Type: ‘noun.phenomenon’ 2 (n) many objects thrown forcefully through the air Type: ‘noun.object’ 3 (n)...


Vocab Tadka : Amiable vs Amicable (Confusing Words)

Lets discuss the the difference between confusing words Amiable and Amicable. AMIABLE 1 (s) disposed to please Type: ‘adj.all’ Synonym: good-humored, good-humoured, 2 (s) diffusing warmth and friendliness Type: ‘adj.all’ Synonym: affable, cordial, genial, Sentence Usage :  His amiable...

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