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    India has been fighting poverty as a nation since its independence and has come a long way in achieving its mission of becoming a prosperous nation with zero poverty.

    To reach a state of sustained […]

  • In economics, market structure depends on the number of organizations making a particular type of product.

    Types of Market Structures are as follows –

    Oligopsony […]

  • National Rural Livelihood Mission –

    It is a poverty alleviation project.
    It is implemented by Ministry of Rural Development.
    Basic idea is to organize the poor into Self Help Groups and make them c […]


    Indo China relations refer to the bilateral relationships between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India.

    Cultural and Economic times date back to ancient times.
    Silk Road was a ma […]

  • India has the seventh largest economy in the world with respect to nominal GDP and third largest with respect to purchasing power parity.

    The exchange of capital, goods and services transcending internal […]

  • Terms you need to know

    Fiscal Deficit – Fiscal deficit is a state when government’s expenditures exceed the revenue generated, excluding money from borrowings.

    Current Account deficit – Diffe […]

  • RBI stands for Reserve Bank of India and was established in 1935.

    Major functions of RBI are –

    Issues Bank note – Except the right to issue 1 Rupee notes, RBI has the sole right of issuing currency not […]

  • India is being looked upon as the source of growth for the otherwise declining economy in many parts of the world. Despite lack of rainfall for two consecutive years and unfavorable global conditions, India has […]

  • Panipat is a city in Haryana that holds significant historic importance. It is 90 kms north of Delhi. The three battles fought here were key milestones in modern Indian History. The city is also known as “City of […]

  • The Government of India has established the Law Commission. Its functions to ensure legal reforms in India. The members are legal experts who are given a set guidelines and working procedures by the Government of […]

  • Members – 21 Pacific Rim Members

    Headquarters – Singapore

    Founded – 1989

    There was a growing interdependence among Asia-Pacific economies which led to the formation of Asia- […]


    The IOR-ARC is a cooperation of the countries belonging to the Indian Ocean Rim. It was set up in 1997 in the country of Mauritius. The objective of this regional cooperation body is technical and economic […]

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  • Near Field Communication Technology is a method of communication which enables two electronic devices to communicate with each other when they are within 2 inches of each other.
    History – NFC is a subset of R […]

  • Nitesh Rana wrote a new post, Nirvana 1 year ago

    Buddhists perceive life as samsara, that signified limitless wandering in this world and the various transitions that are interconnected. These transitions are affect by each other. There is a continuous cycle of […]

  • Equatorial counter current is a current phenomenon noted near the equator, an eastward flow of oceanic water in opposition to and flanked by the westward equatorial currents of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian […]

  • Remote Sensing is the acquiring information about objects without coming in physical contact of the object.
    Usage – Remote sensing is used in numerous fields, including geography and most Earth Science d […]

  • The Prime Minister of India is the Head of the Government and Chief Advisor to the President of India. Also, the head of the Council of Ministers and the leader of the majority party in Lok Sabha.

    The Council […]


    The Green Climate Fund was founded to assist the developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter the climate change. The headquarters are in Incheon, South Korea.

    The Fund is a […]

  • Nitrogen Cycle is a cycle through which nitrogen gets converted into its various chemical forms which are vital for life on Earth. Nitrogen is the largest constituent of our planet’s atmosphere i.e. 78%. But, n […]

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