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Vocab Tadka : Hail vs Hale (Confusing Words)

Lets discuss the difference between confusing words Hail & Hale . HAIL 1 (n) precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents Type: ‘noun.phenomenon’ 2 (n) many objects thrown forcefully through the air Type: ‘noun.object’ 3 (n)...


Vocab Tadka : Amiable vs Amicable (Confusing Words)

Lets discuss the the difference between confusing words Amiable and Amicable. AMIABLE 1 (s) disposed to please Type: ‘adj.all’ Synonym: good-humored, good-humoured, 2 (s) diffusing warmth and friendliness Type: ‘adj.all’ Synonym: affable, cordial, genial, Sentence Usage :  His amiable...

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