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Faking News – Timepass

- @jurnoleast

The test match between India and Australia had its Bollywood moment after actor Akshay Kumar appeared just minutes after the Indian team's spineless submission before the hosts. The post Out of n [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

Ravi Shastri still believes that this Indian team is the best in the last 20-30 years as no Indian team had lost on the new ground of Perth, which according to him is a historic occasion for Indian cr [...]

- @jurnoleast

With KL Rahul and Pujara meekly surrendering before the Australian bowling attack, fingers are being pointed again at the Indian batsmen. So bad was the performance of the opening pair that many India [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

Ravi Shastri still believes that Rahul is the best Indian opener in the last 20 years and he will definitely come good if given 30-40 more chances. Kohli also said that Rahul is doing everything neces [...]

- Ad-min

To cross verify the details provided by Mr. Shwetank our team did a thorough investigation of the first episode of ALTBalaji’s new show Apharan and we do find there are elements which can bring Maruti [...]

- Sandeep Kadian

So it wouldn’t have mattered even if he had scored 1 instead of 0, we still wouldn’t have dropped him. I am just personally appreciating his gesture, professionally I am satisfied as well as zero is t [...]

- Guest Patrakar

Shwetank was not at home on Wednesday when the IT department conducted a raid on his house and got the premium versions of all the shows. He had spent some 1 lac rupees on the total subscription The p [...]

- Guest Patrakar

Kids have also become smarter and are storing the Baba Sehgal and Dhinchak Pooja songs in encrypted folders and not just anywhere on the laptop where it can be easily traced. The post Mumbai parents w [...]

- @jurnoleast

Find out what happens when Atta Boys take up a desk job The post Atta Boys at Corporate Office appeared first on Faking News. [...]

- Guest Patrakar

A day after the assembly results of five states were declared, the Election Commission has congratulated AAP supremo and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for the volunteer donation made to the Election Commis [...]

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