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Faking News – Timepass

- Guest Patrakar

Most of the previous times when the courier company had something to be delivered to his house, Sambit was not available and so the delivery guy went straight to the Republic Studio. Ambit has assured [...]

- Guest Patrakar

The government will soon form a committee to nominate such people and then give the award to the most deserving one. The winners will then be invited to Rashtrapati Bhavan and given the award by the P [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

The post Gully Boy review by Dalveer-Satbeer appeared first on Faking News. [...]

- dasu

Ahead of 2019 general elections, Rahul Gandhi wants to address the concerns of every section of society. While attending a symposium on Robotics inside IIT Delhi, he asked students, "Kya aap ko p [...]

- @jurnoleast

A report by an independent agency revealed startling facts regarding sales figures on Valentines Day. Contrary to perception, sales of roses were trumped by hair removing creams this year. The post Sa [...]

- Sandeep Kadian

14th February, a day of love, as people celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, showering them with gifts. Frustrated with being left out every year, Mechanical Engineers have decided to join [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

Our reporter Sanil Malik spoke to one of the members and he had this to say," Charity begins at home, if we are not able to prevent our own family members in celebrating Valentine's Day then [...]

- @jurnoleast

While most couples locked lips on Kiss Day on the eve of Valentines, youth from Kanpur decided to deviate from tradition. Most men from the city skipped Kiss Day as they found it difficult to kiss wit [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

Shwetank has promised his team of Bajrang Dal members that he will compensate for the loss this year in the coming year's Kiss day where he will thrash double the number of people he was targetin [...]

- Guest Patrakar

After the decision was made the anxiety levels among people has reduced as they are now not as worried as they were before. But it has made no effect on number of people making such videos as it is st [...]

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