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Letters to Editors

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The Indian Railways remains one of the biggest employers of manual scavengers in the country. Hence, efforts to bring an end to this inhumane practice [...]

It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court has left the task of decriminalising politics to Parliament (“Has the SC missed a chance to keep criminals ou [...]

Despite laws aimed at women’s safety, an active judiciary and the government’s commitment to their empowerment, they are forced to use social media pl [...]

It is significant that when it came to a deal of such national importance, an untested company was roped in as an offset partner and a government unde [...]

It is of concern to find that when it comes to Indian roads, ‘green commuters’ — pedestrians and cyclists — are in greater danger (“Deadly roads,” edi [...]

Women power is at its peak now which has emboldened at least a minuscule percentage of women to break their silence over the assault on their dignity [...]

It is a serious issue that last year, nearly a lakh-and-a-half people lost their lives in the country as a result of road accidents (Editorial, “Deadl [...]

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