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YouTube, the Google-owned streaming service, on Wednesday said it has fixed issues pertaining to acc [...]

Google plans to start charging smartphone makers to pre-install apps such as Gmail, YouTube and Goog [...]

It will help professionals to do volunteer work in their free time. [...]

Google, the search giant, has released a world map showcasing where #MeToo is trending in searches, [...]

Things you should know about Instagram before your child gets on it… [...]

Three Indian students have made it to the finals of the prestigious annual Breakthrough Junior Chall [...]

Researchers have found the oldest clue yet of animal life in ancient rocks and oils, including those [...]

“Increasing carbon dioxide levels cause seawater to become corrosive to shellfish.” [...]

Hawking says humans have no option but to leave Earth, risking being "annihilated" if they [...]

The Indian teenagers are Samay Godika, 16, and Nikhiya Shamsher, 16, from Bengaluru and Kavya Negi, [...]

Imagine a world where Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin 90 years ago remained unknown to m [...]

Health Department issues advisories to the public [...]

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