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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

  • The Hindu - International
  • Frontline - World Affairs

Xinjiang, formerly known as Sinkiang, is home to 47 ethnic groups, every major religion of the world, and the descendants of four ancient civilisation [...]

There were no immediate details of any casualties, according to BBC. [...]

US President inks declaration that will impose harsh economic curbs on Pyongyang for one year [...]

His political skills helped him also serve twice as Prime Minister [...]

Pentagon quotes Mattis as saying the move was to support diplomatic negotiations with the North. [...]

Tells ‘angel families’ that he does not want people “based on a draw where other countries put their absolute worst in a bin" and “who commit crimes.” [...]

With 20 such incidents recorded since September 2017, the latest one occurred within the last 2 weeks. [...]

Xinjiang province has the most to offer China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. But with ethnic tensions and a relatively poorer economic position, it could also contribute a lot of problems. Suha [...]

Rihanna and P. Diddy have shared a clip of their performance [...]

Items like U.S.-made bikes to be costlier [...]

The economic nationalism of Trump, as evidenced by the tariff he imposed on Canada and Europe, goes against the world view of the G7 and questions the utility of the organisation as a globalising trad [...]

The ruling Awami League-led alliance is confident of securing another term in power and political pundits foresee the end of Khaleda Zia’s political career. [...]

If the Singapore summit witnessed a historic agreement on the “complete denuclearisation” of the Korean peninsula, it also showed that Pyongyang will not easily negotiate its strategic autonomy away. [...]

Qatar remains resilient a year after it was blockaded, but the UAE and Saudi Arabia do not want to recognise the failure of their project of isolation and intimidation. [...]

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