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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

  • The Hindu - International
  • Frontline - World Affairs

Future of nuclear deal on the brink, says Iran Foreign Minister [...]

Saudi Arabia on Saturday defended a mobile app that allows men in the kingdom to track women relatives after rights groups and a U.S. lawmaker critic [...]

Seek a more independent path for their charity work and royal duties [...]

Policy faces fire as men can build a three-storey house without paying a land fee [...]

Pakistan on Sunday briefed Ambassadors from African and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) countries about the situation after the Pulwama t [...]

U.S.-backed fighters are set to capture ISIS’s last tiny stronghold in Syria, bringing an end to its self-declared caliphate. [...]

Prince Salman, who is also Saudi Arabia’s defence minister, will arrive in India on February 19 on his first official visit [...]

Patrick Caddell, the pollster who helped propel Jimmy Carter in his longshot bid to win the presidency and later distanced himself from Democrats, ha [...]

A 10-member bench of the ICJ on May 18, 2017 had restrained Pakistan from executing Jadhav till adjudication of the case. [...]

Cash-strapped and in need of friends, Pakistan is welcoming the crown prince with open arms for a visit during which he is expected to sign investment agreements worth more than $10 billion. [...]

In an abortive bid to overthrow the elected government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, the U.S. recognises Juan Guaido as the “interim” President and orders that revenue from its sale of Venezuelan oi [...]

The U.S. and the Taliban reach a tentative agreement that could finally end the war in Afghanistan, but the Afghan government of President Ashraf Ghani is clearly unhappy. [...]

The United States’ seemingly reckless withdrawal from a 1987 missile treaty with Russia, its push for a Space Force and the expansion of its military budget are part of a policy to exert power against [...]

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