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Shashank Madhukar
(Tuesday, Feb 14. 2017 11:39 PM)
For Aishwarya – You should first start reading THE HINDU newspaper and then after 1-2 months start reading NCERT books class 6 to 12 th seriously. Make notes and revise it .. When u complete NCERT, you can start referring books as mentioned at
Shashank Madhukar
(Tuesday, Feb 14. 2017 11:41 PM)
For rajat saxena – Yes you can clear IAS easily, but you will have to give 1-2 years of serious preparation..
(Thursday, Feb 16. 2017 06:22 PM)
Thank you sir
Shashank Madhukar
(Monday, Feb 20. 2017 11:53 PM)
For Aishwarya – Always welcome dear ..
Gaurav kumar
(Tuesday, Mar 14. 2017 10:00 PM)
Please tell me new age limit for IAS exam. Coupons
Shashank Madhukar
(Thursday, Mar 16. 2017 04:58 PM)
For Gaurav kumar – It is same 32 years..
(Saturday, Sep 2. 2017 10:36 PM)
Thanks sir
John Francis
(Friday, Dec 29. 2017 08:57 PM)
Hi Sir, The PIB app isn’t updating English releases anymore.. Could you please give a look..
Shashank Madhukar
(Thursday, Jan 11. 2018 12:19 PM)
For John Francis – We will surely look into it.. Thanks for updating
Nidhi Sharma
(Friday, Mar 23. 2018 04:12 PM)
For Aishwarya – there are many websites like mrunal, IASpaper where you can see Tips of IAS Toppers and guidance of top faculties for free. GS must be very strong and apart from this. It is luck and dedication that makes you a topper.

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