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  • Skill and entrepreneurship development is one of the high priority areas of the present Government. The newly formed Ministry of Skill and Entrepreneurship Development, is to play a critical role in fulfilling the objectives...

  • Every day for a month till 20 March 2016, we will be posting a question whoever answers the question can also ask the question to other members..and the chain of questions will continue. Lets ask...

  • 1. The Indian National Flag is a  symbol of national pride and is one of the most respectable national symbols. Handpicked Deals Cleaning Supplies 15% off or more from Rs. 59 – Amazon Amazon...



  • National income is the total value a country’s final output of all new goods and services produced in one year. Understanding how national income is created is the starting point for macroeconomics. 4 ways...

  • chanda-kochhar-quote

    I found this video trending on Facebook in which Mrs. Chanda Kochhar, CEO, ICICI Bank is talking about different parameters which is why India’s economy is changing with different government schemes and initiatives. Check...

  • What is Money Bill ? Money bill is nothing but the bill which is made by the legal constitution Lok Sabha and passed to the high ranked legal constitution Rajya Sabha for lucid information...

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