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  • Civil Disobedience Movement Civil_disobedience_movement

    Towards Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) After withdrawal of the Non Cooperation Movement, nation and Congress were not in position to launch another mass movement too soon. India witnessed “crisis of unity” Congress divided into...

  • Important Indian National Congress Sessions indian-national-congress

    1885, 1882 Bombay , Allahabad W.C.Bannerji Calcutta Dadabhai Naoroji 1893 Lahore “ 1906 Calcutta “ 1887 Madras Badruddin Tyyabji (fist Muslim President) 1888 Allahabad George Yule (first English President) 1889 Bombay Sir William Wedderburn...

  • Ryotwari System – A revenue collection system by Britishers Sir_Thomas_Munro

    Ryotwari was one of the main system to collect revenues from collectors of Agricultural land.The revenue system was directly applicable on the cultivators of the land (i.e. people who actually work on the land)....

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  • Goods & Service Tax

    What is Good & Service Tax (GST) ?  Goods and Service tax is nothing but the tax collected by a consumer for a goods or a service. This tax includes all the indirect taxes...


  • National Urban Transport Policy

    National Urban Transport Policy issued in 2006 by the Ministry of Urban development, Government of India to bring the change in the Infrastructure as well as the Urban Transport services. The Objective of National...



    Every day for a month till 20 March 2016, we will be posting a question whoever answers the question can also ask the question to other members..and the chain of questions will continue. Lets ask...



  • BASEL Norms basel-norms

    Basel Norms which is frequently in news, is actually a set of norms prescribed by Bureau of International Settlement (BIS), to ensure that financial institutions have enough capital on account to meet obligations and...

  • Budget 2016

    The most awaited day of year- 29 February when finance Minister will present Budget 2016 in Parliament.Parliament. Pre budget time is always heated up with discussions like expectations of budget, economic conditions, GDP etc.There are...

  • Economics

    Economics is studying about turning scarce resources to commodities and distributing those resources.How choices are made and how resources are utilized keeping  these choices in mind. Resources are limited; choices (Needs & wants) needs...

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