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  • 10 things you must know about Sarojini Naidu

    Sarojini Naidu also known as The Nightingale of India, was an activist  during freedom struggle, poet, patriot, politician, orator and administrator. Handpicked Deals DP 42 LEDs Rechargeable Emergency Light Rs. 389 – Amazon DP Portable...

  • Revolt of 1857

    It refers to a rebellion against the British East India Company which ran from May 1857 to July 1859. Started on 10th May 1857, it began as mutiny of Sepoys of East India Company’s...


    Every day for a month till 20 March 2016, we will be posting a question whoever answers the question can also ask the question to other members..and the chain of questions will continue. Lets ask...

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  • Governor of states of India

    Under the Constitution of India, State Government runs in similar ways as Central Government. Like the Union Government, the State Governments are also organised on the parliamentary pattern.The Governor is the chief executive of a State...


  • Fundamental Rights & their Significance Fundamental-Rights

    What is Fundamental Rights ?  Fundamental Rights is a charter of rights contained in the Constitution of India. What is does ?  It guarantees civil liberties such that all Indians can lead their lives...


  • Inter-State Council

    Article 263 of the Constitution of India provides for the establishment of an Inter-State Council. This article deals with ‘Co-ordination between States  and Union’.It enforces Relations between the Union and the States.  The Inter-State Council is...



  • Economy : How India’s Economy Is Outperforming China’s Economy chanda-kochhar-quote

    I found this video trending on Facebook in which Mrs. Chanda Kochhar, CEO, ICICI Bank is talking about different parameters which is why India’s economy is changing with different government schemes and initiatives. Check...

  • Economics

    Economics is studying about turning scarce resources to commodities and distributing those resources.How choices are made and how resources are utilized keeping  these choices in mind. Resources are limited; choices (Needs & wants) needs...

  • Non-Performing Assets: What? Why? Solutions Ahead!

    What is NPA? An asset becomes NPA, when it ceases to generate income for the lending bank. According to a July 2014 RBI circular, all advances where interest and/or instalment of principal remains due...

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