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  • Swadeshi movement

    The Swadeshi movement is a part of the Indian independence movement and the developing Indian nationalism, was an economic strategy aimed at removing the British Empire from power and improving economic conditions in India...

  • The Solanki Dynasty

    The Solanki dynasty once ruled parts of what is now Gujarat, and Kathiawar, India (950-1300). They are also known as the Chalukyas of Gujarat or as the Solanki Rajputs. The dynasty ended when Alauddin...

  • Chinese Traveller Yuan Chwang

    Yuan Chwang was a Chinese Buddhist monk and traveller who travelled across India for 17 years. He was born in Luoyang, Henan, China. At a young age Yuan Chwang showed a lot of interest...

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  • Initiatives to lower Child Mortality Rates

    There are three types of reported mortality rates Infant Mortality Rate: Number of deaths under 1 year per 1000 live births.Handpicked Deals FlipKart New Pinch Days Shorts & Pyjamas 50% off or more from...


  • National Rural Livelihood Mission

    National Rural Livelihood Mission – It is a poverty alleviation project. It is implemented by Ministry of Rural Development. Basic idea is to organize the poor into Self Help Groups and make them capable...


  • Currency Convertibility: Current and Capital

    Recent Panama papers leak has again rekindled the old question, whether countries should go for Capital account convertibility? To understand the answer to this, let’s first understand the concept of convertibilityHandpicked Deals FlipKart New...



  • Budget 2016

    India is being looked upon as the source of growth for the otherwise declining economy in many parts of the world. Despite lack of rainfall for two consecutive years and unfavorable global conditions, India...

  • Important terms in Economy

    Terms you need to know Fiscal Deficit – Fiscal deficit is a state when government’s expenditures exceed the revenue generated, excluding money from borrowings. Current Account deficit – Difference between a nation’s investment and...

  • Goods & Service Tax

    What is Good & Service Tax (GST) ?  Goods and Service tax is nothing but the tax collected by a consumer for a goods or a service. This tax includes all the indirect taxes...

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