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Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)

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Amid reports of increasing number of casualties in human-wildlife conflicts, the Centre has enhanced compensation for death and injuries to humans in such cases and advised states to keep on organisin [...]

According to the latest India research report by green energy market tracker Mercom Capital, the utility-scale cumulative installations now stand at approximately 18.4 gw, with rooftop solar accountin [...]

Urban heat island refers to the higher temperature seen in a city compared with adjacent rural areas because of intense concrete development and reduced green cover. Warmer temperatures help fog dissi [...]

At the UN environment assembly in Nairobi the women’s rights organisations held a tribute ceremony on Monday. They highlighted the important role of women human rights defenders for a pollution-free f [...]

 What caused the fire?While forest fires are as old as the forests themselves, there is a fair degree of human involvement in causing a forest to [...]

Open source record of plants with “druggable” chemicals will help validate traditional systems [...]

How smartphones turned a student, a tile layer, a data operator and a hospital clerk into citizen scientists [...]

Ptilomera nagalanda has unique stripes on dorsal side [...]

Onus on manufacturers to recycle PET bottles, says Minister [...]

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