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Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that development can be environment friendly and may not come at the cost of green assets, while asserting that India's traditions long stressed the i [...]

The union environment ministry has recently informed the National Green Tribunal (NGT) that it has received no proposal for environmental clearance of “Char Dham Yatra Project” and hence the question [...]

One-third of the world's protected areas - created to stem the loss of biodiversity - is under intense human pressure from processes including road building, grazing, and urbanisation, a study ha [...]

Abhijit Prabhudesai, a Goa-based environmentalist, has travelled to Delhi six times since last December to appear before the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT’s) principal bench, which is hearing his pet [...]

India’s elephants now have their first fully equipped dedicated hospital near the Taj Mahal, complete with wireless digital X-Ray, laser treatment an [...]

Landslides, overflowing rivers helped in spreading them. [...]

Asia’s voracious appetite for disposable plastics and poor waste management systems are devastating the marine environment. [...]

They react to people based on the context, finds study [...]

Over 60% of all premature deaths from household air pollution in 2012 were among women and children [...]

Juhu beach is the last place you’d expect to find starfish. But these pretty creatures are tougher than they look [...]


The researchers hope that this finding will draw more attention to the region and more studies will be carried out in the future. [...]

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