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- Sai Priya Kodidala

Recently, there have been reports of price crashes and distress sales in case of farm produce, such as tomatoes, mangoes, and garlic.  In some cases, farmers have dumped their produce on roads.  Produ [...]

- Nivedita Rao

The National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2017 was introduced in Lok Sabha in December, 2017.  It was examined by the Standing Committee on Health, which submitted its report during Budget Session 2 [...]

- Vatsal Khullar

Over the last few days, the retail prices of petrol and diesel have touched an all-time high.  In Delhi, petrol was selling at 74.6/litre on April 25, 2018, while diesel was at 66/litre. Petroleum pro [...]

- Roshni Sinha

Today, some Members of Parliament initiated proceedings for the removal of the current Chief Justice of India by submitting a notice to the Chairman of Rajya Sabha.  A judge may be removed from office [...]

- Gayatri Mann

In November 2017, the 15th Finance Commission (Chair: Mr N. K. Singh) was constituted to give recommendations on the transfer of resources from the centre to states for the five year period between 20 [...]

- Nivedita Rao

The Union Cabinet recently approved the launch of the National Health Protection Mission which was announced during Budget 2018-19.   The Mission aims to provide a cover of five lakh rupees per family [...]

- Roopal Suhag

In Budget Session 2018, Rajya Sabha has planned to examine the working of four ministries.  The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation is one of the ministries listed for discussion.  In this post, [...]

- Vinayak Krishnan

Each year during the Budget Session, Rajya Sabha examines the working of certain ministries.  This year it has identified four ministries for discussion, which includes the Ministry of Home Affairs.  [...]

- Prachee Mishra

Finances of the Railways were presented along with the Union Budget on February 1, 2018 (the Railways Budget was merged with the Union Budget last year).  In the current Budget Session, Lok Sabha is s [...]

- Vibhor Relhan

Following the recommendation of the Election Commission (EC), the President disqualified 20 MLAs of the Delhi Legislative Assembly last month for holding an ‘office of profit’. The legislators in ques [...]

Concern expressed at two-day May Sahitya Sammelana [...]

BJP is in power in 20 states of the country which shows that people have endorsed NDA’s performance, he said. [...]

Overwhelming response to The Hindu-EDGE Career Counselling Session in Hubballi [...]

The party releases a booklet titled ‘India Betrayed’ on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Modi government [...]

On which side of the restoration vs. renovation debate is this old Danish town? [...]

An attempt to utilise the widespread rumours about child snatchers and consequent lynching to defame and settle scores has come to light in the town. [...]

In Thoothukudi, given that the agitation was going on for 100 days, and there was an announcement of the hundredth day protest, why was it not monitor [...]

In recent weeks, Assam has seen many protests over the proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016.The Bill has been termed “Anti-Assam” by BJP's ally [...]

The minister said the country’s mood from despair has transformed into hope and aspirations. [...]

The Hindu-EDGE career counselling session will be held at Sambhram College of Hotel Management at BEML Nagar, Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), on May 27 (Sund [...]

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