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Letters to Editors

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The report on the adulteration in traditional medicines comes as no surprise as manufacturers are trying to cash in on the spurt of awareness about herbal medicines (‘Sunday Special’ – “DNA barcodes r [...]

While there is a need for adequate job creation across India, the fact is that graduates, especially from our technical institutions, do not match industry requirements (“Six steps to job creation”, O [...]

There are a number of media reports about how biometrics are useful in certain situations, but I would like to focus on the directive about linking one’s Aadhaar details with one’s mobile phone number [...]

The plan to go in for deep sea fishing needs a reality check (“Is “deep sea fishing” the silver bullet?”, October 11). Who will supply the 2,000 trawlers to replace existing fishing vessels?Why is the [...]

A standalone picture, “Battered by rain”, about the state of the Durgam Cheruvu lake in Hyderabad”, and a report, “Bengaluru records its wettest year” (both October 15) are reasons enough to explain w [...]

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