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Letters to Editors

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Did not what Justice C.S. Karnan do till his retirement tarnish the dignity of the post he was holding? He was able to carry on with his tirades and still continue as a judge only because of the diffi [...]

The selection of Ram Nath Kovind as the presidential candidate by the ruling BJP has taken the Opposition parties by surprise (“Nitish backs Kovind, RJD unhappy,” June 22). They cannot vociferously op [...]

The stance of the Trump administration on various issues concerning India is not clearly known (“American voyage,” June 21). Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit may clear the mist. Issues li [...]

The unceremonious manner in which Anil Kumble had to step down despite showing his interest in taking the Indian cricket forward shows that all was not well between him and captain Virat Kohli (“Kumbl [...]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has understood our feelings accurately and captured our imagination with his eloquent appeals to our nationalism, patriotism and sense of identity. A succession of scams s [...]

The fact that Calcutta High Court judge Justice C.S. Karnan retired as a fugitive rather than retiring gracefully makes one sad. It is unfortunate that a person of the stature of Mr. Karnan could act [...]

Finally, the grapevine in the social media turned out to be correct about Anil Kumble’s exit as coach (‘Sport’ – “‘Apparent the partnership was untenable’,” June 21). Team India has had a long history [...]

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