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Faking News – Timepass

- dasu

Too many parties are being thrown up. It starts with successful poster launch, then trailer, book launch. On morning show collections producers declare movie is a hit and throw a party. These are on t [...]

- Guest Patrakar

Nisha Manuel, an HR-executive with a leading IT firm in Bangalore forgot to process the salaries of the company's 38,000 employees for the current month. Nisha, as a part of the only task she has [...]

- Guest Patrakar

The Supreme Court has banned sale of firecrackers in Delhi NCR ahead of Diwali, citing various health probelms to the citizens. Ban is applicable during Diwali and choti Diwali and will be revoked bef [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

But due to illness, his attendance figure at the end of semester came out to be 79.98%, a shortfall of .02% from the compulsory attendance at JNU for all students. Protest marches are very important f [...]

- itsmihir1993

An excise duty higher than the price of a cigarette. Death of father due to excessive smoking. Watching Mukesh on the deathbed in cinema halls. The post Chain smoker quits smoking after mouth freshene [...]

- dasu

Employees of an IT company who were expecting something ‘special’ this Diwali were disappointed after they again received dry fruits box which they are getting as ‘gift’ year after year for so many ye [...]

- dasu

The potholes in the IT city has added a new casualty to its list today. Pratap Sharma, a businessman who has liking for fancy and high-end cars. He lost his Mini Cooper in a pothole near Yelahanka whi [...]

- @jurnoleast

Cops rescued a salesman who was taken hostage by a housewife and forced to do Diwali cleaning in Vasant Vihar locality of Delhi today. The salesman had come visiting to give a demo of a popular brand [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

The unhealthy life Sanil was living to make us know about Honeypreet's activities finally took its toll today morning when Sanil suddenly fainted and was admitted to the government hospital. Doct [...]

- RT

Kumar, a Bengaluru boy, aged 25 has been asked to come home for Diwali, by his parents. He immediately sent pictures of traffic jams to his demanding parents in Hosur, about 50 kilometers aware from t [...]

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