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Faking News – Timepass

- @jurnoleast

The exit poll numbers are out and is they are to be believed, BJP is all set to come back in power this time around too. As for the Congress Party President, it is being speculated that Rahul might je [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

They also showed him the script of all his flop movies and Vivek was not even able to read the title name. Vivek also believes that even ‘BHAI’ Salman Khan cannot read and write so he won’t be offende [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

The exact results of the polls will come in 3 days, till then we may see some travelers using the train without bothering about the mandate but the picture will surely be more clear on the 23rd. The p [...]

- sagarcasm

The final episode of Game Of Thrones revealed who sits on the Throne and what happens to the other characters. Let’s see how it was very similar to the exit poll of 2019 Loksabha elections. (Spoilers [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

The Doordarshan team says that their process of on boarding a new recruit takes 2 years so even after Farhan accepts the job it will take 2 years to give him a role and also his I-card. The post For h [...]

- dasu

After Mani Shankar Aiyar all set to take credit for congress decimation in one more election, fight has started among youth congress office bearers. “Every time veterans like Digvijay Ji ya Manishanka [...]

- Sandeep Kadian

News channels are always in the race for breaking a big news first on their channels but on counting day, this race reaches next level as everyone tries to get the results to their viewers before othe [...]

- @jurnoleast

Virat Kohli's new facewash commerical, which was shared by the cricketer on his twitter handle, has not gone well will those who were unfortunate enough to see it. The post Around 100 pimples thr [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

The case itself is a lesson to all coaching classes to define their boundaries and take credit for a student who was seen inside their boundary without taking away credit from other institutes nearby. [...]

- @jurnoleast

The Met Department today predicted the late arrival of the monsoon this year. The department said that rains would arrive 5 days late in Kerala. But even this seeming harmless prediction quickly turne [...]

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