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Faking News – Timepass

- Guest Patrakar

The UP state government and the police are still clueless about the braid cutting incidents and seem to have no control over it. The police have even blamed China for this - UP Police believes that Ch [...]

- itsmihir1993

The move was announced immediately after Nitish Kumar, who had abused Narendra Modi-led NDA government black and blue, took a major U-Turn and joined the NDA government to support Narendra Modi. The p [...]

- itsmihir1993

In a move favouring the players of the Indian cricket team, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that the lower-order batsmen in the team can visit the tourist attractions in Sri [...]

- itsmihir1993

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "Enough with selling phones in the name of camera! This time around, we have specifically worked in the field of innovation to bring our customers something they secretly [...]

- itsmihir1993

Woes do not seem to end anytime soon for Pakistan as the inexperience at the top leadership has foiled the nation’s bid to live up to its reputation in the global community. After Nawaz Sharif’s untim [...]

- itsmihir1993

Facebook friends of Shruti (21), a resident of South Bombay, were left in a tizzy after she uploaded her unedited picture on Facebook. Shruti, who is fondly called “photoshop” by her friends, decided [...]

- Ad-min

Some people have called up the Zoo officials to report that a similar Kangaroo (as per the description provided in advertisements) was seen in the latest Star Sports TVC promoting the upcoming Ind-Aus [...]

- itsmihir1993

The recently held Sa Re Ga Ma Po-verty Li’l Craps auditions in Mumbai witnessed a flurry of child participants who flocked the venue to exhibit their singing skills. While popular full-time reality sh [...]

- Guest Patrakar

Akshay Kumar starrer, Toilet Ek Prem Katha has sent a strong message to the government and administration. On Independence Day, the box office collection of the movie crossed the all time revenue coll [...]

- dasu

Due to heavy rain in Bengaluru, many parts of the city are flooded with rain water. Some city based builders who are struggling to sell their old inventory does not want to lose this golden opportunit [...]

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