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Faking News – Timepass

- dasu

In a sensational disclosure, world renowned hacker activist Joel Snowden recently revealed about the number of unsent emails he has found in US president’s official email account draft folder during h [...]

- @jurnoleast

Finance MInister Arun Jaitley was mobbed inside a Delhi restaurant by patrons yesterday evening, who wanted him to explain to them the concept of GST. The post Arun Jaitley gets mobbed at a Delhi rest [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

Many reporters are on a constant look out for a new Shahid-Mira moment but not all are lucky enough. Only the ones who go that extra mile to get the couples' pictures and their outing stories. On [...]

- @jurnoleast

Was it Kohli's arrogance? or did Kumble's iron hand didn't got too well with the players? Find out answers to these questions and more in today's Friday Faking release: Daraar The [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

Job security is a major issue among the engineers in the country with the government not able to bring any law which would give them assurance. The post Top MBA colleges mail their prospectus to Anil [...]

- Sandeep Kadian

When we asked how they will link random cows to the lynching, he said ,"Are you doubting our ability? When we can link Jharkhand lynchings to cows then what is the big deal in Srinagar? We just n [...]

- RT

With the implementation of GST just a fortnight away, the central government has come up with a new definition for the tax reformation, it is learnt by Faking News. The post ‘Going Supremely Transpare [...]

- itsmihir1993

At the launch event, Apple CEO Tim Cook, who believes that everyone deserves freedom but not when it comes to expanding memory storage in phone, said, “Necessity is the mother of invention, and it was [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

The Tatas now may have to rethink their strategy as today they got an example of how tough it is to manage Air India. The post Tatas miss meeting with Air India officials after their Air India flight [...]

- Guest Patrakar

Daboo Ratnani, the famous photographer well known for his portfolios of many bollywood celebrities has applied for the post of Indian coach's job. The post Daboo Ratnani running for the post of I [...]

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