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Faking News – Timepass

- Santosh Pradhan

And 'FarhanRancho, a new age startup soon realized the ill effects of an MBA. They had hired a finance graduate, Mr Sanil Jain to explain and analyse the losses made by the company The post Start [...]

- dasu

Mr. Kutty added, “My friends whenever they visited me, looking at the exterior walls of the house thought I use some organic mud color outside The post Bengaluru family falls sick after BBMP tars the [...]

- @jurnoleast

IT officials today conducted raid at actor Actor Devgn's residence as part of the investigation into Panama Papers. Sources say that officials did not find anything incriminating, however they re [...]

- Santosh Pradhan

HR managers and directors generally determine everything from the level of performance standards the company can expect its employees to achieve what percent salary increase is reasonable for various [...]

- Vaibhav Anand

“I have been seeing all these ads comparing Dove and milk ever since I was a little boy,” Tadapit said to this Faking News reporter, “so much so that I once added Dove to my Bournvita instead of milk [...]

- RT

Chennai. A month after Kamalhaasan has announced his political party’s name, Rajnikanth now announces the date on which the date for announcing the name will be announced. The fundamental difference b [...]

- dasu

Sanjay, a third-year student staying in Aravali Hostel of IIT Delhi loves the multi-purpose rotis served at his hostel mess. The post Rotis here are so hard, we often use them as flying discs says Hos [...]

- Sandeep Kadian

He issued this statement after journalists rushed to get his reaction to BJP's defeat in by-polls in Phulpur and Gorakhpur. The post I came for a party at BJP HQ, hadn’t joined the party, still a [...]

- @jurnoleast

It was an emotional reunion for Bengaluru based techie Ranjit Nair as he came face to face to his family members thanks to his internet getting disconnected. Ranjit, who initially screamed at the stra [...]

- dasu

There are people who have ignored million reminders to link their Aadhar with bank accounts and mobile sim, still they are lucky as Supreme court gave them another relief from doing it till the honora [...]

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