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Private capital must be made to pay if it wants to use people’s personal data for commercial gain [...]

From her favourite Bollywood star to why humans shouldn’t fear robots, Sophia answered every questio [...]

''There is no real danger from Artificial Intelligence or history to indicate that machine [...]

The Hindu Science Quiz — Of hornbills and heliosphere   [...]

Head binding, a practice that involved deliberately reshaping the heads of infants, differed accordi [...]

Plants colonised Earth 100 million years earlier than thought [...]

Behaviour, physical well-being, cognitive functioning of infants, toddlers studied [...]

The tiny insects employ them as loudspeakers to announce that they are looking for a date [...]

Symposium gives new impetus to study of long-term data sets from Kodaikanal Observatory [...]

Around 40% Mumbaikars suffer from back problems and 20% of them are in the 16 to 34 age-group [...]

4.2 lakh Indians die of the disease every year [...]

Uses retinal scans to identify early signs [...]

Newborns in Pakistan, the Central African Republic and Afghanistan face the worst odds; India ranks [...]

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