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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

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  • Frontline - World Affairs

Indonesia has identified the suspected location of an overcrowded ferry that sank last week in a deep volcanic crater lake but will need internation [...]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday said the 1985 Air India bombing as was the “single-worst terrorist attack” in the country’s history [...]

Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior adviser, said Washington would announce its West Asia peace plan soon, and press on with or withou [...]

The blast that rocked a ruling party campaign rally in which Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa narrowly escaped unharmed, has plunged the countr [...]

Leaders, led by Merkel, have downplayed hopes of a regional agreement [...]

Pakistan on Sunday rejected allegations that Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria was denied access to a famous Sikh Gurdwara near here, saying the [...]

A refuge for hundreds of dogs that escape from getting culled [...]

Inuit hunting grounds, World War I cemeteries, Art Deco heritage in Mumbai and Italy’s wine-producing Prosecco hills are among 30 hopefuls in the runn [...]

They are trying to emulate the success of Walt Disney ensemble [...]

The Nepal PM expressed hope that cross-border railway projects will give an impetus to cross-border connectivity between Nepal and China. [...]

The economic nationalism of Trump, as evidenced by the tariff he imposed on Canada and Europe, goes against the world view of the G7 and questions the utility of the organisation as a globalising trad [...]

The ruling Awami League-led alliance is confident of securing another term in power and political pundits foresee the end of Khaleda Zia’s political career. [...]

If the Singapore summit witnessed a historic agreement on the “complete denuclearisation” of the Korean peninsula, it also showed that Pyongyang will not easily negotiate its strategic autonomy away. [...]

Qatar remains resilient a year after it was blockaded, but the UAE and Saudi Arabia do not want to recognise the failure of their project of isolation and intimidation. [...]

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