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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

  • The Hindu - International
  • Frontline - World Affairs

Pakistan is seeking $8 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to bail itself out from a severe balance-of-payments crisis that threatens to cripple the country’s economy. [...]

The case pertains to Sirisena’s dissolution of Parliament and call for early elections [...]

Experts say Mr. Kim is reluctant to come because of stalled nuclear negotiations with the United States and worries about security arrangements in the South. [...]

Williams will take over the role from Alice G Wells who has been Acting Assistant Secretary for the region since June 2017. [...]

In the last few weeks, Ms. Gabbard has been talking to her party leaders and reaching out to Indian-Americans to get their feedback on the issue. [...]

“It is widely recognised that the existence of safe havens in Pakistan makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get the Taliban leadership to seriously negotiate,” it said. [...]

Among other things, the Act seeks to impose a visa ban on Chinese officials who deny American citizens, government officials and journalists access to the Tibetan areas. [...]

The large number of MPs who voted against her also provides an indication of the challenge ahead of her. [...]

Cabinet minister Amber Rudd confirmed Ms. May's vow not to stand in 2022, as did MP Robert Buckland. [...]

Says he was taking responsiblity for his crimes “including those implicating the President of the United States of America.” [...]

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton, known for his warmongering, is eager to manufacture evidence to start wars against governments that he does not favour. [...]

Plans are apparently afoot to kick WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he had sought asylum six years ago, and extradite him to the U.S. [...]

Undoubtedly the government’s decision to hold a general election last year has been a key factor responsible for the current mess. The government’s ga [...]

Interview with Ahmed Naseem, former Foreign Minister and currently Minister in the President’s Office. [...]

Anger against the Emmanuel Macron government over its decision to increase taxes on fuel from January 1 erupts on the streets across France in the form of the Gilets Jaunes, or yellow vests, uprising, [...]

The E.U. may have finally approved the terms of both the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration on the U.K.’s future relationship with it, but it is a bittersweet victory for Prime Ministe [...]

The new government headed by President Solih has the unenviable task of handling coalition partners and delivering development as promised, even as it manages relations with India and China. [...]

The Houthi rebels agree to peace talks with the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, but the continued siege of the Hudaydah port puts Yemen in imminent danger of a famine-like situation. [...]

Interview with Mohammed Waheed Hassan, former President of the Maldives. [...]

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