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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

  • The Hindu - International
  • frontline - World Affairs

Honoured for his efforts to reform the school system [...]

Widows and destitutes take refuge [...]

Researchers use sensors to build a New York sound library [...]

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was second-in-line to the throne and was overseeing defence portfolio and head of an economic council tasked with overhauling the country’s economy. ... [...]

Qatar says won't negotiate until boycott lifted; Turkish minister rejects call to shut military base [...]

Turkey on Friday rejected a key demand by several Arab states involved in a major dispute with Qatar, saying Ankara has no plans to shut down its military base in the small Gulf country. The demand t. [...]

The case stems from their treatment of servants at a Brussels luxury hotel nearly 10 years ago. [...]

Leading Sri Lankan economist Saman Kelegama, who was highly regarded in South Asian policy circles, passed away in Thailand on Friday. He was 58. Dr. Kelegama was in Bangkok on work, and was found de. [...]

Most of these belong to the Assyrian Empire in Mesopotamia that covered most of Syria and Iraq, some even dating back to the second millennium. [...]

The planned appointment of National Football League team owner Woody Johnson as U.S. ambassador to London shows President Donald Trump's commitment to close ties with Britain, Prime Minister Ther [...]

The Labour Party’s showing in the recent election in the United Kingdom well and truly debunked the widespread assumption that a left-wing party would not be able to engage with the wider electorate. [...]

A tripartite alliance of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel, with the blessings of the U.S., seeks to isolate Qatar accusing it of sponsoring terrorism and supporting Iran, but its real grouse is that t [...]

India, along with Pakistan, becomes a full-fledged member of the SCO, an umbrella organisation to promote cooperation in trade and counterterrorism efforts. Will it join OBOR next? By JOHN CHERIAN [...]

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