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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

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The meeting was evacuated before the vote for about 10 minutes due to an unspecified security threat, and resumed after sniffer dogs checked the room. [...]

Defence highlights state of Indian jails [...]

Lawyers say the pictures — at least the ones that have not been censored by the government — represent a cry for understanding or a chance to reaffirm existence [...]

Hip-hop star recently stepped down from business empire [...]

Defence highlights jail conditions in India citing the case of the ‘Chennai Six’, a group of British men intercepted by the Indian coast guard in 2013. [...]

London building was once a workhouse where the comedian lived as a child [...]

Slam Riyadh’s ‘medieval’ repression [...]

Canberra last week singled out Beijing as a focus of concern [...]

Tory MPs allied with Labour to push through an amendment to Brexit legislation [...]

Among the dead were 730 children below age of five years [...]

The purge of the Saudi royal family, camouflaged as an anti-corruption drive, has torn apart its erstwhile unity, while the forced resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister has reinforced the battle [...]

An international conference held in Yalta highlights how Crimea has been subjected to harsh sanctions by the West since it conducted a constitutionally valid referendum to secede from Ukraine in 2014. [...]

Two months after two hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, the island nation continues to be plagued by collapsed infrastructure, widespread power failure and fears of a health crisis, even as residents leave e [...]

THE Robert Mugabe era in Zimbabwean politics seems to be finally over. The 93-year-old leader had plenty of opportunities to leave gracefully but he insisted on keeping the top job. The Zimbabwean... [...]

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