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Diplomacy / International relations (IR)

  • The Hindu - International
  • frontline - World Affairs

The Afghan-Pakistan situation and Indo-Pacific cooperation could eclipse bilateral concerns [...]

They were forced to flee to Bangladesh after they lost their homes to fire set off by projectiles from rocket launchers [...]

Says former U.S. President had embarrassed himself [...]

Appeals court issues order [...]

Their relationship is less about friendship or political bonds than a mutually uneasy dependency [...]

The king's cremation will take place on October 26. [...]

This is the second terror attack in the capital in 24 hours after a suicide attack at a Shi'ite mosque killed more than 50 worshippers on Friday night [...]

Speaker linked to rally that turned violent in Charlottesville [...]

Babis expected to secure power [...]

Cities and states across North America, including Canada, are vying for the $5 billion-plus investment and up to 50,000 new jobs that will accompany the company’s ‘HQ2’ [...]

Iraqi Kurds hold and win a referendum for an independent state defying strong warnings from neighbouring countries and the central government in Iraq. The U.S., a close ally of the Kurds of northern I [...]

One island, a poor socialist state with infrastructure in grave need of modernisation, has slowly emerged out of the chaos caused by a hurricane’s wrath, while the other, a territory of the richest co [...]

The country’s military junta, armed with a new interim Constitution that makes a mockery of democracy, has been postponing elections on some pretext or the other. By JOHN CHERIAN [...]

A man with little political connection and no real religious fealty, a high-stakes gambler who enjoyed the high life of Las Vegas hotels and casinos, kills 57 people and wounds several hundred with hi [...]

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